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Mogul x entreprises

web design for mogul x entreprises


The Intro.

Mogul x enterprises is the holding company of our clients collaboration based business model which aims as building businesses through collaborations and partnerships. Mogulxe has two subsidiaries (1) market collaborator and (2) upside collaboration, market collaborator is the subsidiary for international partnerships while upside collaborator is the subsidiary for local partnership.

The Brief & Evaluation.

Mogul x enterprises being a holding company of two subsidiaries needed a website to represent both brands and provide information to clients about what both subsidiary is all about. Our client a US business man needed a single website for both brands which will also serve a portfolio website, for clients to get information about his offerings, learn about him and his business accomplishment ,see testimonial of successful partnership. After careful evaluation of the brief we delivered an awesome website for mogul x enterprises.

Concept Design.

The concept was simple, a single holding website for two brands, where the holding company can show information on both brands, show testimonial, post articles and upload videos and also receive enquiries on both brands . as a company website we chose a gold and black color for the website, we designed a logo with an "M" icon to stand for mogul . we also designed stationeries such as id card and letterhead for the brand .

Responsive Design

A responsive website is no longer a luxury but a necessity . majority of internet users visit web pages from a mobile phone, so we had a create a websites that adjust perfectly in all screen sizes ,we designed for desktop, iPad and mobile, we also used a responsive and transparent logo .

Mood & Style.

We used an awesome font style which is bold enough and easy for visitors to read and interact with the site. The made linking to any of the web pages easy and accessible , we optimized the site load speed to enable the site open faster, we used stock photos and nice outcome to arrive at a perfect design